5 Signs You Need A Social Media Detox

Something I have been thinking about lately is the regular need of a social media detox. I find myself doing it mainly on the weekdays as since I have been working from home and juggling with other things I am working on, sometimes I do not think twice about it. It would not be an understatement to say it has been AMAZING. But one needs to find the balance because I can go from staying away for a few days, then the days turn to weeks, but to me, it is worth it.

Social media is something I am recently becoming customized to while I work on my whole Honeyluxe brand so sometimes I feel like it is as if I am stepping away from work, but I think there is a message in this for everyone. I know so many of us who are addicted to their phones aka social media. Even if it is not for work, it definitely is a habit that consumes a lot of us – and usually in an unhealthy way. It can leave us feeling “on” all the time, take us away from friends and family, and consumed by comparison – among SO many more things! All things that are a bit MUCH.

So with my own social media detoxes that have been happening, I wanted to talk more about it on here. But before saying “here’s how to take a social media detox,” I think it’s important to know if you actually need one. Just because I did/do does not mean you do – but I have a feeling you might! See if you find yourself nodding along to any of these five signs…

Your Thumbs Hurt

I know this might sound silly, but it really is a little problem that happens! I call it the “scroll thumb” and my thumb will literally cramp up when I am on Instagram or Facebook for too long. My entire hand feels weird but I can definitely notice my thumbs. I figure this cannot be healthy and just like we would lay down if our legs were tired and sore, it makes sense to give our hands a break from all the tech –including scrolling!

You Are Comparing Yourself 24/7

Boy! Comparison really is the thief of joy and I definitely fall into the comparison trap and have been trying hard to recognise it. It usually happens when I have been on social media for too long and not spending time with friends, family, and on myself. It will creep up with work, with what people on Instagram are sharing vs. what I am doing that day (aka sitting in my room with leggings and oversized top on looking like a hot mess), with relationships, and so on. If you find yourself constantly thinking about other people or out of your own brain, it is probably time for a break. I can not tell you how refreshing it is if you are in this mood!

You Can Not Remember The Last Time You Took A Break

When was the last time you went a whole day without your phone or checking social media? Honestly, if you can not remember, it is time for a break. After all, our minds need breaks from the noise of social – so give it a go!

You Are Thinking Of What To Post Instead Of Enjoying The Moment

This one can sometimes be difficult for me. I notice that I need a break if I am always thinking about what to pose for, post, or take a story for. Instead of thinking about what sounds good on a menu, I am thinking about what will photograph well or whatever. Which sometimes I need to do when I am in taking pictures for content (blog/Instagram), but when I am not, I do not need to!

There have been so many times when I think I’m too busy to workout or to meet a friend for dinner or to prioritise self-care – yet when I looked back at my day, I spent random patches of time on Instagram throughout the day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes here and there, that time adds up! It’s time-consuming! So if you are not prioritising things that make you feel good or that are important in your life – but find time to scroll Insta – think about reversing that.

Ok so how do you feel after reading the list? Are you falling into signs that you need a break?

Let me know your thoughts!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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My Thoughts During This Season

So last week on my Instagram stories I shared how up and down my emotions have been the past few weeks. We are really living through an epidemic! Seriously, just let that sink in for a second. Not only that, but there has also been an uproar on the police brutality and racism in America and the UK as with other countries are taking a stand for it! And so honestly, I am just PRAYING for a change. I just know a change is truly coming…

There are so many different aspects and angles to how my mind is grasping this whole situation. There is a positive outlook and then there is, of course, the negative thoughts that can sometimes cloud my brain. In Deuteronomy 7:9 it reminds us that we should know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His commandments, to a thousand generations and that is what I am going to lean on always.


  1. This is definitely a great time to refocus on me physically, mentally and spiritually. We may be going through so much but I truly believe God would not put us through anything we can not handle & with it is important to make the best of this season!
  1. Spending more time in the word. Reading the Bible more, turning to the bible for inspiration and motivation is super enriching and prayer journaling as I always feel like my mind is in a better place when I am focusing on building my relationship with God.
  1. Staying connected with the outside world. To be honest, it will always be a work in progress. I have always spoken highly about keeping a good balance of social media and the real world. Your girl is really trying. I have made sure that I am not staying isolated from my friends and family and trying to stay active as I can on social media.
  2. Having time to work on things behind the scenes. I know it probably is not great me not giving too much away but I can not wait to sure what I have been working on and all will be revealed soon enough!

I have been able to grow in spiritual maturity, lose a few pounds and spend more time focusing on my health and goals. So that is all good!


Alright, so then there is obviously the negative side of my brain that brings all the bad and unwanted thoughts in at the worst times. I will keep it all the way real… I can be an overthinker and more than ever during this season I have the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. It is so easy to stay in a negative space and it is important to be intentional. A lot of times when I feel like this, I turn to the Bible or my circle. It always helps!

I came across the scripture that talks about how if we are even upon epidemic, we must repent our sins and He will return our land to us. In the end, we really just have to do our part but that seems so far out of reach when people, instead of spreading love and kindness, are spreading hate and cruelty!

My oh my have I yoyo’d with my diet! Yes, my streak of being healthy normally lasts for a number of weeks, where I may have a cheat day or two. But when I break that streak, boy do I BREAK that streak. It could be a week of me eating pounded yam, lots of rice and sweets. Especially my guilty pleasure chocolate. Which does nothing good for my skin! I honestly feel like boredom mixed with eating my emotions is the cause of this. But we thank God, self-control is key and I constantly pray that God will bless me with this.

Let me be honest. I do always feel better in my quiet time and my conversations with God. I know that He is completely in control of this season. I know God does not cause us any harm but it sometimes feels weird to be in this. So many things happening in our world right now point to what the Bible describes as the end of time. Am I wrong? The virus, all the deaths, the hate among our own people. I do sometimes get overwhelmed but I am reminded in Isaiah 43:19 – Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it shall spring forth; Shall you not know it? I will even make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

Let me know what your thoughts are, I would love to hear them!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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The BEST Podcasts To Elevate Your Mind

I have been wanting to share my thoughts on my favourite podcasts (Christian and in general) for a while now! If you know me, you know how much I enjoy listening to them.

Before this season, I would enjoy catching up with my favs every day during the commute to or from work. Now that I have been working from home, I find so much joy listening to a podcast during my daily freedom walk or playing in the background at home. So here we are… I am excited to finally be sitting down and knocking this out!

I have found podcasts a way to fill my mind with Jesus all day every day. They cover real-life issues that I may relate to. They are honestly a great way to reach out, grow your faith, and keep you encouraged.

Recently on my Instagram stories, I asked ‘What is your favourite podcast?’ and was given over ten different & amazing options to try, some of them mentioned in this blog post!

Whether you have five minutes or an hour, it is a blessing that you can listen to inspiring people/pastors/authors for free!

Here are my top five picks for podcasts to encourage you:


When will I marry? Is it okay to call my pastor, Daddy? What does the Bible say about disputes and arguments? Am I a people pleaser?

Boyy! How is a woman of God supposed to figure these things out? These ladies have got us! I love their podcast because they keep it all the way real with personal experiences & their guest speakers. I have been listening to them well over a year now that I call myself an avid listener. I always have a good laugh and leave the podcast feeling inspired, motivated and happy. Check them out here!

I have spoken about their podcasts on my blog (& many times on my Instagram!) before and thought it might be helpful to point it out to you:

  • Dear Beloved Woman– this post being one of my favourite posts I have ever written.


Toya is simply one of the smartest ladies I know! Her podcast handles all things navigating the workplace as a black woman. From negotiating contracts to asking for a raise. She is one of the most passionate people I have ever heard talk and it only takes a few seconds for you to hear the enthusiasm and emotion in her voice. 

Her advice has supported me so much! I wish I could remember how I found her, but I honestly have no idea. I first started watching her on Snapchat around 2018 and enjoyed her daily updates & inspiration. Recently she created her podcast which I am hooked on! New podcasts every Tuesday! Check it out here!

WOMAN EVOLVE with Sarah Jakes Roberts

I will never forget the time played her podcast in my mister’s car and he looked so confused. This podcast is definitely just for the ladies! As the title suggests, she discusses topics that allow us to really evolve as intentional women of God but also speaking on important topics such as obedience, emotions and soul care. I can not get enough of her accent and find her so personable and funny. Check her out here!


Cornelius and Heather Lindsey are an amazing married couple based in the US. I have been following Heather Lindsey for years now, I stumbled across her channel on Youtube and I have been hooked ever since! Always been inspired by her brilliance and devotion to spreading the Gospel never ceases to amaze me.

I have never listened to a sermon/podcast where I did not walk away feeling enlightened, encouraged, and emboldened by the truth of the Gospel. This amazing podcast with her husband, the lead pastor of The GO church covers topics such as all things courting/marriage, learning to trust God’s timing and travelling hacks. I love everything about it! Check them out here!


Lastly but not least, the Akinle’s are one of my latest discoveries. They were recommended by a friend on Instagram & once I started listening to them, I was all caught up within a day! Michael and Cherice cover all topics from finances, the value of good partner and handling long-distance relationships. They both bounce off each other so well and I just enjoy how personable and relatable they both are to me.

This Godly couple offers detailed advice on their Youtube and Instagram page as well as their podcast which included gold resources they have used to aid them! Check them out here!

I honestly see the importance of listening to challenge, inform, educate or podcasts which stir up one’s spirit in Christ and hope at least one of my suggestions can also do the same for you.

Wondering how to make time to listen to podcasts?

Here are a few ways I make it happen!

  • While going for a walk or run
  • While driving or commuting
  • While cooking dinner
  • While cleaning
  • On a road trip

Enjoy all my current favs & let me know if you listen to any of the ones listed here. Happy listening!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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