Delayed, But Never Too Late

I remember being in my teens and envisioning what my life would be like in ten years time. I was very certain I would be married, living in a fancy mansion with my amazing career and raising at least two children by the time I was twenty-five. Crazy right?

Well, that definitely has not happened yet and I can only laugh about it now! I was so sure that all will work out accordingly within the time I predicted because, well why not? Fast forward to now. I know that it is only Christ who can dictate how my life will pan out! One of my favourite scriptures is Jeremiah 29:11. He knows the true meaning to my life and it is not for me to attempt to decide it for myself.

When you hear purpose, what comes to your mind? A gift that you may have? Maybe a goal you have been trying to accomplish? Or is it about a strong passion you have for something?

There are so many definitions and it differs with each of us.

I believe our purpose is deep inside of us. It is in a place where only you can find if you are feeding yourself the way you are supposed to. Turn to Christ to be fed the right nutritious food.

For some of us, it takes time to discover the real calling we have been blessed with. Trusting Him wholeheartedly to reveal to us who we are meant to be and what we are meant to be doing and although it may be delayed, it is never too late.

Trying to discover your life purpose can be a stressful, overwhelming thing. It was definitely that for me. Honestly, I still feel as though God is revealing His plans for my life day by day. It sure is exciting but I know it can seem like such a big, confusing and frustrating thing to discover.

You will not fulfil God’s purpose for your life accidentally. It does not come to pass through fate or the “Sovereignty of God.” A revelation of God’s will is needed and then one can pursue it in order to fulfil it. Consequently, it takes effort to accomplish God’s will for your life. And until you know God’s plan for you, it is impossible to achieve it.

The good news I want to share is that the Lord wants you to know His will for your life more than you want to know it. It is not as difficult as we may think it is. However, it does take effort. You are not going to discover God’s will until you search with all your heart (Jeremiah. 29:13). As long as you can live without knowing God’s will, you will. But when you want to know and follow and fulfil God’s will more than anything else, then you will!

Above all, I want to let you know that God has a wonderful plan for your life. He created you for a purpose. Also, He wants you to know Him and enjoy Him forever. But, you can only discover why God created you and fulfil your purpose if you have a personal relationship with Him. That’s where it all starts. Do you know God personally?

Choose Eternal Life

When you ask Jesus Christ into your life, you begin a life with Him here on earth that will extend into all eternity. There are blessings for you to experience now as well as in heaven! If you have never invited Jesus into your life, it is not too late. Simply pray the following words.

“Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for dying for all my sins—past, present, and future. Thank you for giving me eternal life, which you made possible by your death and resurrection. I receive you as my Savior by faith, and desire you to be Lord of my life.”

I hope you were blessed with this post. Let me know your thoughts…


Liz Fashanu

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  1. Whao! The Lord knows the beginning to the end. His purpose and counsel will stand.
    At God’s time His glory will be revealed!
    “Be still and Know that I am God””

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