Have A Productive Day, Every Day.

Over the years, I have realised that whatever I do, I need to do it well. “ Work hard at whatever you do. You will soon go to the world of the dead, where no one works or thinks or reasons or knows anything. Ecclesiastes 9:10 (CEV). I believe this is not a drive towards perfectionism, but rather, a pursuit of excellence.

  1. Your productive day starts the night before with thoughtful planning

Take 5 minutes to plan for tomorrow and follow this 3-step process –

First, review your list of projects or activities you have for the following day. These activities may be in various areas such as work, school, and home. For example, you may be a busy mum with little ones to attend to. So, you have a full day ahead of you.

Second, prioritise your projects by making a to-do list. Ask yourself: What must be done tomorrow? Look at your deadlines. This helps you know must get done!

Third, set specific and realistic goals for the day. This involves making a to-do list with the items ranked in order of importance. Remember to “keep the main thing as the main thing.”  

What one should note is here is that some people like to do this activity on a Sunday night and prepare for the whole week ahead. The point here is that you need to do what is realistic for you…

     2. Your morning routine sets the tone for a productive day.

There are 4 ways we can break this down into:

Physical, psychological, social and spiritual.


You may want to start your day with a healthy breakfast fruit smoothie.

You may want to engage in physical activity such as walking, jogging, or running. Of course, this will depend on your fitness level. Some people like to start with a workout. Check out a video on Youtube, you do not even need to leave your home! Certainly, physical activity has many benefits.


It is important to start the day with a positive attitude. Being thankful is a great way to create a positive mindset. For instance, naming the things you are thankful for such as your family, house, health, job, etc. will definitely lift up your mood.

Another practical way to start the day with a positive attitude is by reading a motivational or inspiring scripture or quote.

Then, you can reflect on it throughout the day.


Positive interactions will fuel your sense of well-being. Therefore, start your day with positive interactions with your family. If you are married, have a good conversation with your spouse. If you have children, talk to them and encourage them before they leave for school.

Even if you are single, you can interact with those around you positively such as your housemates or send encouraging texts to your friends.


Praying for the activities of the day also helps start the day well. For instance, a good way to start the day in by having a devotional. This means reading a verse or passage of the Bible and meditating on it.

This involves seeking to understand the message of the verse and making an application to personal life.

Overall, when you implement these tips and habits, you can have a more productive day and experience personal and professional growth.


Liz Fashanu

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