Healthy Tips To Try This Week

Every week, we start with the best of intentions…and then things get stressful and we ditch our dreams of packed lunches, walking to work and getting enough sleep.

I am a woman who likes to try new things additionally I think it is important to switch things up. It is very easy for us to get into a routine of doing certain things on certain days each week. Some may work well for us, however, others can probably be replaced with more meaningful habits.

Instead of trying to overhaul the entire week – focus on one small thing a day. These little changes really add up!

This post is to give inspiration of how to switch up your week little by little.


Although we would probably all prefer extra time to sleep. There is no better way than starting a Monday off than to wake up 1-2 hours earlier to work on tasks to make your day less stressful.


Journaling, whether that be prayer journaling or bullet journaling. Hopefully, by now you have realised that it is my thing! I can not stress the importance of writing down your thoughts, I have about six notebooks complete with my thoughts, prayer ideas and emotions. It just makes me feel so much better once it’s written down on paper. Try it!


Pray for longer than you usually do. Be intentional about your time with God. To be honest, I would recommend doing this every day.


Yoga. Since I’ve started yoga, my body has really thanked me for it. You can use classes that are part of your gym membership or be like me and prefer to do Yoga at home with YouTube as a guide. Yoga With Adriene, she is amazing!


Go for a long walk or even a run if you are really up for the challenge.


Have a night in. Guys, there’s actually food at home! All my girls know I would take a night in with them over a night out. There is nothing wrong with staying at home on a Saturday night. With some Netflix and home-cooked dinner, sounds like the perfect evening to me plus we get to save our coins too.


Eat some chocolate. Did you know chocolate can improve your cognitive performance? Ha, so why not?

Let me know below if you are thinking of trying any of the tips or have any to recommend for us!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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