Mary & Martha.

To be put it simple, I want to be a modern version of Mary from Luke Chapter 10!

Ladies, do you know the story of Mary and Martha?

Luke 10:38-42  in my own words:

(Read the actual scripture here)

During His travels, Jesus would often stop at Mary and Martha’s house.  The two women were sisters, but I am guessing it was really Martha’s house because she was the one who actually “welcomed Him into her home.”

(Did you know that Mary and Martha also had a brother?  Lazarus!  How did I not know this!?  What a small world the Bible is!)

So during this particular visit, Martha was in the kitchen preparing the meal and I am guessing it was a very Pinterest-worthy type of spread too because while she was caught up in the details of her preparation, Mary was literally at the feet of Jesus–washing them with her best perfumes and listening to Him teach.


When Martha realised that Mary was “just sitting there” she became annoyed (and maybe a little envious, too).  I imagine her saying something in the tone of a teenage girl, “Father…Mary is not helping me!!  Make her get up and do some work!!”

And Jesus said in Luke 10:41-42 –

“Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things.  But one thing is necessary.  Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.”

Talk about a wake-up call.  Stop stressing over the details, Martha, because Jesus is right there in front of your face!  Reach out and choose that Good Portion like Mary did!

It is like Jesus is giving me permission to just stop it–to stop seeking perfection and instead seek Him.  I honestly have actual chills just thinking about it!  I am excited to dig deeper into what that means for me and my life–and every part of my life: spiritual, relationships, careers and household.

I feel like Martha would have had more follow-through than me; so I can not say I am 100% Martha, but I know that I have a tendency to lean more towards that side.  My goal is to be more like Mary.  It seems like she knew what time it was.  It was not (is not) time to impress people with your mad-baking skills or party-throwing abilities, it is time to be at the feet of Jesus… worshipping and listening.  I have a lot to learn from Mary!

So which one are you?  A Mary or a Martha?

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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