How to Stay Motivated When it’s Cold and Dark

Happy Monday my lovelies!

It is definitely getting to that time of year again when the temperature and the short days start to take a toll. Anybody else experiences this? I think I am one who consciously has to motivate myself during the winter moods and try to stay positive during the cold and short days.

I have written a lot about motivation on my blog in the past (here is one post on it) but I also really tried to make these tips specific to the season, temperature and shorter days. If you have any tried and true tips on this topic, please share! I am all ears because I have a feeling I am going to need all the help I can get during this season too!

Here is what I have so far:

Find a way to get excited about the day

When the weather is not the greatest and the sun starts to set around 4pm, the feeling of dread starts quite early in the day. Instead of letting it take over, give yourself something to look forward to! For example, if you check off X amount of things on your to-do list then you get to buy yourself a little treat snack or line up a movie to watch on Netflix – whatever gets you most excited! Some may call it bribery, but I call it getting stuff done!

Move your body

You all know how I feel about this on my Instagram stories and I will keep saying it – moving my body more has changed my life! It seriously makes me feel so much better and gives me peace of mind. It took a while for me to really make it a habit, but once I realised what a difference it was making in my productivity and how good it makes me feel, I had to keep doing it!

The main things I do are walking, my 2021 challenge is 20k steps, 5 days a week, but something small also if I can’t do that (minimum of 30 minutes every single day – challenge yourself to this!), yoga and the Fitness Blender (this couple’s workouts are THE BEST). I have been using my dad’s old weights and my yoga mat from Amazon to do my workouts!

Talk to a loved one or colleague at work

I think it is especially important to make sure you are not isolating yourself in the winter months. The weather can already make things sort of depressing so if you are feeling unmotivated, talk to someone at work or a friend. Sometimes the best thing I can do for myself when I am not having the best day is to take a break and talk to someone who inspires me or makes me laugh.

Break big to-do’s into smaller ones

Gosh! Think about it. If it is freezing cold, dark AND you have some giant tasks to get done that day. It is easy for us to throw everything aside and just do nothing! So for example, instead of writing the one big task on your to-do list, break it down into two or three smaller ones spread out over a few days. This will help you feel more accomplished and less bad about yourself for having to keep moving whatever your big task is further back on your calendar.

Anyone have anything else to add? I would love to read it and I’m sure everyone else would too!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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When I think of a new year, it feels like an opportunity for fresh starts, but I have honestly never looked so forward to it. And to get things started on a really positive note, I rounded up some of my best productivity and motivational posts from the year! From lessons I’ve learnt in my 20’s to finding myself discipline, here are some of the best HL posts to help you prepare for the year ahead.

Clearly, I have been carried away this year! Can you tell I am passionate about these topics? You definitely do not have to read all of them but I wanted to list all the ones that I think will serve YOU the best.

Hope this helps you feel motivated and ready for the new year. I will see you all in 2021!

Happy New Year my lovelies!

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Proverbs 16:3

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.”– Proverbs 16:3

This verse though! It is such a good reminder. I love the idea/notion that if I know in my heart that what I am doing is God’s will for me, then I can stop trying to put all the weight on my shoulders. I can stop stressing and start trusting. I can stop trying to do it all myself and surrender it to God.

There might be some people out there that would say it is a little crazy; and that is fine! That is to be expected. But I am telling you, there is nothing like the peace and confidence that comes from being obedient and submitting yourself to the Lord’s plan. It is like finding out the test was cancelled! Such a relief.

My consistency on my blog is coming back and I am excited. I hope you are too!

Love Always,

Liz Fashanu

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